being a bikini girl wasn't enough
  • It's tough to find a swimsuit that fits just right—the top ends up being too small in some areas or the bottom too big. Or vice versa. Or even worse the fabric grabs and puckers uncomfortably. 

    Well, that's why I started Denise Eloudie Clothing: to give bikini babes like me (& dudes) the swimwear we deserve.

    I looked at what the market had to offer and knew that I could be creating a better product myself. I knew that there were other girlies who felt the same way, like it was just too difficult to find a quality swimsuit that fits right and is worth the price tag!

    I am now hand making reversible, versatile swimwear that is made to your specific measurements! Made with quality material, fun prints, and bikini tops that can be worn multiple ways to effortlessly switch up your look.

  • My goal is simple: to make sure everyone who wears one of my suits feels confident and comfortable in their swimwear, because it's worth it to feel good about yourself!

All of my creations are made locally in St Pete, FL right out of my own home. Just me, my sewing machine, desire to design & passion